Search for the best wildlife watching in Europe by country.


Farne Islands – grey seal, puffin

Formby – red squirrel

Knole Park – fallow deer, green woodpecker, ring necked parakeet, sika deer

New Forest – adder, Dartford warbler, fallow deer, nightjar, silver-studded blue, smooth snake

One Tree Hill – Eurasian jay, great spotted woodpecker, ring necked parakeet, stag beetle, tawny owl

Peckham Rye – Eurasian jay, great cormorant, great spotted woodpecker, ring necked parakeet

Richmond Park – fallow deer, green woodpecker, red deer

Sefton Park – kingfisher

Sevenoaks – great cormorant, great crested grebe, greylag goose, kingfisher, snow goose

Sydenham Hill Wood – green woodpecker, silver-washed fritillary, stag beetle


Harz Mountains – lynx


Husavik – humpback whale


West Cork – basking shark, common dolphin, fin whale, humpback whale, minke whale, puffin, Risso’s dolphin


Skjervoy – humpback whale, orca, white-tailed eagle


Cairngorms – adder, black grouse, capercaillie, golden eagle, red deer, red grouse, red squirrel, reindeer

Findhorn Valley – golden eagle

Isle of Harris – bottlenose dolphin, common dolphin, Eurasian otter, golden eagle, minke whale, red deer, white-tailed eagle

Isle of Mull – Eurasian otter, golden eagle, grey seal, hen harrier, puffin, red-breasted merganser, ringed plover, white-tailed eagle

Loch Ness – European badger, golden eagle, pine marten, red deer, red squirrel, white-tailed eagle, wildcat

Moray Firth – bottlenose dolphin, grey seal, harbour seal, minke whale


Tatra Mountains – brown bear, chamois, lynx, marmot, red deer, wolf


South Stack – guillemot, puffin, razorbill