Roan antelope


Name: the roan antelope (Hippotragus equinus) is a savanna antelope found in parts of Africa.

Appearance: they are named after their reddish-brown colour which is known as ‘roan’. They have distinctive black faces with white eyebrows and cheeks. Their horns are ringed and can reach a metre long in males.

Size: roan antelope are one of the largest species of antelope. They can reach up to 2.4 metres long and weigh up to 300 kg.

Diet: they are grazers, feeding on the tips of grasses and the occasional woody or herbaceous plants. They prefer to feed in stands of medium to tall grass in open savannahs.

Did you know: roan antelopes form harems of around five to fifteen animals. Male roans fight amongst themselves for dominance of these harems, brandishing their long, curved horns at one another. Their horns can also be used for defence and roans have even been known to kill lions that have failed to overpower them!

Location: they are found in woodland and grassland savannas in West, Central, and Southern Africa.

Where TO SEE Roan antelope

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