Providencia, Colombia


Providencia is a beautiful Caribbean island lying off the coast of Nicaragua. It is accessible from the Colombian mainland via a flight to the island of San Andres then a further flight or catamaran ride to Providencia. It lies at the heart of the UNESCO Seaflower Biosphere Reserve which supports large populations of reef sharks as well as stingrays, barracuda, eels, corals, and many species of fish. The island is home to frigatebirds as well as a population of black land crabs. These crabs migrate in spectacular numbers across the island each year in April/May.

Average rating: 4.0 (very good)

Average spend per person: $90 ($90 – $90)

Number of reports: 2

Best time to visit: January – December

Typical activities: scuba diving

Wildlife in Providencia

According to reports submitted to WildSide, the species visitors most want to see here are as follows:

Reef shark – 50% of scuba divers (1/2) reported sightings

Best place to see reef sharks, Providencia, Colombia, WildSide, World Wild WebThe reefs around Providencia support large populations of reef sharks – indicating a healthy reef system. Reef sharks are all but guaranteed on dive trips. There are several dive operators on the island with prices ranging from around $60-90 for a two tank dive. Divers report that whitetip, blacktip, grey, and Caribbean sharks are visible year round. The sharks in the area are inquisitive and will approach divers making it a thrilling place to dive.

There are reports of some dive operators hand feeding lionfish to sharks during the dives. This creates concerns over sharks associating humans with food and an attack on a diver has been recorded. As such, it is recommended to check with dive operators beforehand to make sure you are comfortable. WildSide recommends The Dive Shop Old Providence as a well run and safe operator (~$90 per trip) – although there are cheaper options available.

2 thoughts on “Providencia, Colombia

  1. WildSideAdmin says:

    Hi Paul, thanks for your message, it’s great to hear about your experiences! Providencia is a beautiful place 🙂 It would be fantastic if you would be willing to complete one of our wildlife watching reports for your trip so we can add your experiences to the page – they are really short and only take a couple of mins:

  2. Paul says:

    It has been about 3 years since I was there. I remember seeing at least 3-4 sharks on the first dive of every day. I don’t recall anyone feeding the sharks. I really enjoyed diving there. I was there in June as I recall.

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