Corosha, Peru


Corosha is a district in northern Peru that is accessible from Chachapoyas. The area is covered with cloud forest which is home to spectacled bears as well as several species of monkey – including the Peruvian night monkey and the critically endangered yellow-tailed woolly monkey. Corosha is the only place in the world where the golden spectacled bear has been documented – see reports here and more recently here. At this point in time tourism infrastructure is somewhat under-developed meaning that Corosha is way off the beaten path and only recommended for the adventurous!

Average rating: 2.0 (average)

Average spend per person: $27 ($27 – $27)

Number of reports: 1

Best time to visit: July – April

Typical activities: animal watching, hiking

Wildlife in Corosha

According to reports submitted to WildSide, the species visitors most want to see here are as follows:

Spectacled bear –  0% of visitors (0/1) reported sightings

spectacled_bear_sightings_coroshaBear watching tours are run from Corosha village (which is also known as Beirut village). The easiest way to get there is to head to Pedro Ruiz (about an hour’s bus ride from Chachapoyas). From here ask for a collectivo to Corosha. The village has very little tourist infrastructure although there is a charity called Yunkawasi that is based in the village. They can arrange guides, food, and very basic accommodation when you arrive.

From the village it is a steep and muddy four hour hike to the bear watching site of Copal. Copal is an open area at the top of a mountain where bears are known to feed. The hike is challenging and requires an early morning start, although being up at dawn in a cloud forest is an ethereal experience. Tours can also be arranged through PhotoSafaris – who claim a 75% success rate in viewing bears. It is reported that the bears can be seen in Copal from around July to April each year. However, there are no TripAdvisor reports available to verify this claim.

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