Arica, Chile


Arica is a port city in northern Chile. It has a mild climate with some of the lowest levels of rainfall anywhere in the world. The coastal area around Arica is home to a population of sea lions and pelicans. The city is also a convenient point to access Parque Nacional Lauca and the Azapa Valley which is home to some of the world’s oldest-known mummies.

Average rating: 4.0 (very good)

Average spend per person: $0 ($0 – $0)

Number of reports: 1

Best time to visit: January – December

Typical activities: animal watching, bike riding, walking

Wildlife in Arica

According to reports submitted to WildSide, the species visitors most want to see here are as follows:

Sea lion – 100% of visitors (1/1) reported sightings

Best place to see sea lions, Arica, Chile, WildSide, World Wild WebSouth American sea lions can be found at the fish market in the port of Arica basking in the sun and playfully begging for fish. They can be seen year round at no cost and are easily viewable from the port. It is an unexpected thrill to be so close to such a large wild animal right in the centre of an otherwise busy, industrial area. There are several tour operators that leave from the fishing jetty which offer short (~40 minute) cruises around the bay . Around 9 km south of town is a free to access beach called Playa Corazones which is also home to a sea lion colony. The beach can be accessed via taxi or by bike.

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