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Lawyer to Lifescape

In December this year, I left my job as a commercial lawyer at Clifford Chance LLP, one of the world’s largest international law firms. I left to begin a new job as the CEO of The Lifescape Project – the charity which runs WildSide. Over the past decade, I’ve fallen increasingly in love with wildlife and wilderness. So having the opportunity to protect them full time is my dream job!

Adam leaving the city behind for good!

The first task of my new job is to get out into the world and look for amazing places to see wildlife. Wherever I go, my goal is to find, explore, and report back on as many wild species and landscapes as possible – and encourage you to get out and do the same! To begin, I’m heading to the Americas and over the next 12 months I’ll be reporting back on where to see wildlife across Latin and North America.

Before I can do that, I need your help!

How to Get involved

As I travel I’ll be putting together a map showing some of the most iconic, beautiful, and incredible species that I want to get out and find.

However, I’ve never been to Latin America and I’m certain to be missing a bunch of the most amazing species in North America too. If you could help me to find incredible places and species please get in touch! To guide me on my trip just comment on this post, message, email, tweet, or get in touch however you want, and I’ll add them to my map.

For whatever species or places make it onto the map, I’ll try to get out there and see the wildlife. Whether I actually succeed in seeing anything is another matter…!

lawyer to lifescape, wildside, world wild web

On the way to Ilha Grande

Successful or not, I’ll post about my experiences here (along with any tips I pick up). Then we’ll create pages on WildSide to help you find them in future.

To get started we’ve made a poll to find out the species you would most like to see. Fill it in below to get your favourite species on the leaderboard!


PS as a taster for the next post, I’m currently en-route to the wildlife paradise of Ilha Grande in Brazil!

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  1. Campbell says:

    Adam! Let us know general whereabouts for your North American travel plans, if you know them – then I/we can advise accordingly…

  2. Lawrence says:

    It would be really interesting if you could tell us about the potential impact of invasive species such as beaver and brown trout in South America

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